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The Virtual Plan Room Network is a voluntary collaboration of Builders Exchanges from multiple states that share a single online platform so members can see bidding opportunities in multiple locations.

Builders Exchanges are local organizations that represent and provide services to all segments of the construction industry, including bid opportunities, workforce development, networking, and group purchasing programs.

Established in the Mid-1800’s, Builders’ Exchanges are the oldest form of cooperative alliance between segments of the construction industry in North America other than trade unions.

Collectively, Builders Exchanges represent over 60,000 construction-related companies and their employees and report nearly 200,000 unique bidding opportunities nationwide each year.

Builders Exchanges are best known for their expertise in providing plan room services.

Builders Exchange Plan Room Services collect bidding information from multiple sources, i.e. design firms, private owners, governmental agencies, prime contractors, etc., and organize it so that contractors may quickly search for bidding opportunities by type, size, geographic location or other pertinent criteria.

Builders Exchange staff maintain direct (personal) contact with sources to update information throughout the bid cycle. This ensures that prospective bidders are aware of changes as they occur and have accurate information prior to preparing their bid.

Builders Exchange Plan Room Services are interactive and dynamic. Information flows between contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, design firms and project owners in real time throughout the bid cycle.

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